Enrollment Policies


2016-2017 Enrollment Information and Admissions Policies

Conditions for Enrollment: Enrollment for 2016-2017 opened on March 1st to families of current students and on March 16th to families of new students in Preschool through High School. The application for a student will be accepted IF:

  1. The student has met any mandatory age requirement for the grade level at which he/she is being enrolled; AND,
  2. The student is in good academic standing or has performed satisfactorily on the readiness assessment for the grade level at which he/she is being enrolled; AND,
  3. The student is not on any type of disciplinary probation or suspension and has not been expelled from school for any violation of disciplinary policy or rules, OR the student has been interviewed by and received approval from school administration for readmission following disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion; AND,
  4. The student’s previous tuition account has no past due balance, OR the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) has(have) made arrangements with the school administration to pay any past due balance(s).
  5. The Administrator and division Coordinator have interviewed the student (grades 6-12).

Provisional Acceptance: Applications for enrollment submitted with the applicable enrollment fee are accepted PROVISIONALLY until school personnel have verified that all of the above conditions have been met. Acceptance is also contingent upon space available at the time of enrollment. Parents will be officially notified of acceptance will by phone, mail, or email - in most cases within 14 days of the verification of the above conditions. Notice will also be given and the enrollment fee will be refunded if enrollment is not accepted. (With this one exception, the enrollment fee is considered a nonrefundable fee.)

Age Requirements and Priority Enrollment: Five-day Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade students must have reached their fourth, fifth, and sixth birthdays respectively, and they must demonstrate readiness to enter the level for which application is made. (It is assumed that all students entering any grade, preschool or higher, shall have been toilet-trained.) Highest priority will be given to the admission of students who have reached the required enrollment age as described in the following schedule:

  1. First Priority – Students who attain the required age on or before July 1st AND who demonstrate readiness on the assessment administered by school personnel.
  2. Second Priority – Students who attain the required age on or before August 1st AND who demonstrate readiness on the assessment administered by school personnel.

Two-day and Three-day Preschool students who reach their third birthday on or before September 1st AND are toilet-trained may be enrolled and attend classes from the beginning of the school term or, after their third birthday, provided space is available.

Compliance with School Policies: After enrollment and before the start of the school term, parents will receive a copy of the current edition of the ACS Parent/Student Handbook. The Handbook sets forth ACS School Board approved policies that define and describe the school’s expectations of parents and students. When a student is accepted for enrollment in Anderson Christian School, it is understood that the student and his/her parents agree to accept and abide by all of the policies and procedures stated in the Handbook, as well as those published in other school publications throughout the school year.

Enrollment Limits: Please note that these have changed from prior years due to the limitations of the facility in which we operate. The enrollment limit that will generally* apply for each grade level is as follows:

Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 yr. old) – 14 (one section)

Full-day Kindergarten – 14 (one section*)

First Grade – 14 (one section*)

Second Grade – 14 (one section*)

Third Grade – 14 (one section*)

Fourth Grade – 14 (one section*)

Fifth Grade – 14 (one section*)

Middle School Grades (6th, 7th, 8th) – 12**

High School Grades – 12**

* The number of sections for any class may vary according to enrollment demands. The enrollment limit for any section may be increased by 1-2 students if there are not enough students for another section. If total enrollment is less than 8 for any grade level, the students at that level may be in a multi-grade class

**The grade level enrollment limits for grades 6-12 are approximate and depend on the total number of applicants for all of these grades. The total middle/high school enrollment is limited to 24 students.

Waiting List: If applications for admission are received in excess of the enrollment limits set above, students will be placed on a waiting list at the request of the parent, provided the parent pays the enrollment fee and the first month’s tuition charges at the time they make the request or no later than 31 July 2016. After a class is filled, vacancies that occur in that class will be filled with students from the waiting list in the order that the students were placed on the waiting list. If an opening does not occur before 1 February 2017 the enrollment fee and the first month’s tuition may be refunded or the deposit may be applied to the next year. If an opening occurs and parents decide not to enroll their student who is on the waiting list, the enrollment fee and first month’s tuition that has been made will not be refunded but may be applied to enrollment in the following year.

Probationary Enrollment Period: Enrollment in all grades will be considered probationary for three weeks from the beginning of school. At the end of three weeks, parents may be asked to withdraw students who have not shown a degree of academic, emotional, or social preparedness that would enable them to succeed in ACS. One of the considerations is whether or not the structure or the demands of school programs will enable the school to meet the individual educational needs of the student. Upon being notified that a probationary student is to be withdrawn, the parent will have the following options:

  1. Parents may allow their child to be placed in the next lower grade level; OR
  2. Parents may withdraw their child from ACS and receive a full refund of tuition paid; OR
  3. Parents may withdraw their child but leave tuition on deposit with the school to assure acceptance for the next school year.

Financial Policy: Upon enrolling a student in Anderson Christian School, the parent or guardian becomes responsible for compliance with all terms of the Financial Policy adopted by the ACS Board of Directors. The enrollment fee paid at the time of enrollment is nonrefundable. Registration is not complete until parents have submitted a signed copy of the Financial Policy. Failure to make payments of the tuition charges in a timely manner will result in late fees and possible dismissal from school.

Fees for books, some materials, and some field trips are included in tuition. The portion of tuition charges allocated for these fees is approximately $30-$250, depending on grade level, and is considered non-refundable if a student is withdrawn after books and/or materials are issued. See the Tuition Information and Calendar brochure for information about fees for resource services, athletic participation, etc.